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Slot Themes Available On Bucky Bingo

Online slot machines are a significant aspect of our online gameplay at Bucky Bingo.

Our players enjoy these types of casino games, so we ensure to offer a range of slot themes for you to choose from. Covering our slot machines is a prominent feature of our blogs, as we love keeping everybody up to date on all the different games on our site. Discover a range of topics like top tips, slot machine terminology and most excitingly, online slots with bonus rounds!

So, this brings us onto today’s blog. We have decided to break down the most popular slot themes on our site. Have a read below and see what kind of design you like the sound of the most!

Irish Themed Slots

Top of the mornin’ to you!

Quite possibly the most popular slot theme out there. Irish themed casino games have been a part of the gambling world for decades, as players just the love the idea about receiving a small slice of that famous ‘Irish luck.’ Predominantly, the Irish games possess a rich and vibrant green theme to their gameplay, as game providers look to replicate some sort of meadow or field as their backdrop.

Typically consisting of traditional icons like a leprechaun, pots of gold, horse-shoes and a four leaf clover, a lot of the Irish themed slots will seem aesthetically similar. This firstly mentioned icon, the leprechauns, are definitely a re-occurring feature inside such slots. The small creatures originated in Irish folklore, and they have grown to become a stereotypical trademark of Ireland as a whole.

One slot machine that incorporates the lucky figure into their game is Rainbow Riches. This game was first introduced to players as a physical machine, before moving onto the online world. Regardless of whether it is in its physical or virtual form, the game remains a popular one with players, most notably because of its many bonus rounds.

If you should be lucky enough, you could win free spins and big multiplying values inside the game! Each special feature is interactive too, as you will need to navigate around your screen and in some cases, click on certain in-play buttons to activate the bonus round.

Alongside Rainbow Riches, Bucky Bingo also has on offer the energetic environments of Clover Rollover and Kiss Me Clover. You won’t be surprised to hear that both these settings are bursting out with green goodness. If you decide to play, will the luck of the Irish be with you?

TV/Film Related Slots

Given the technology that game developers now have at their disposal, more impressive and more innovative slots are released on a consistent basis. Although this relates to the visual designs and interactive bonus features, it also relates to ‘themes’ as a whole. Developers can now create slots that are based on some of our favourite TV shows and films!

These games tend to be popular online, as players can now re-live certain settings in the online world of slots! One of Bucky’s favourites is The Winnings of Oz. Developed by Ash Gaming, this slot game is very similar to the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, as there is a yellow brick road to follow! You can also discover the famous characters of the lion, the tin man and the scarecrow. Which of the famous trio is your favourite?

Moving on from the yellow path now as it’s time for the red carpet! Everybody knows about the glitz and glamour in Hollywood, so Virtue Fusion decided to bring the flashy setting online for players to experience! This five reel slot has symbols like limos, stylish actors and actresses, plus a clapperboard! Take a step into the life of a film star with this awesome casino game.

Away from the movie business and onto the show-biz. The question is, have you got what it takes to beat the judges? Yes, we really are talking about a Britain’s Got Talent slot machine. This slot has 20 active paylines, and Playtech have created a slot that brings the famous stage to life! The main highlight about the casino game is the awesome bonus feature called ‘Live Show bonus’. Inside this feature, you will have to click on a backstage pass to activate an act and see if they will be lucky enough to reach the final! Remember, the further your act gets, the bigger your potential multiplier can be.

Egyptian Themed Slots

Are you ready to walk like an Egyptian? We certainly hope so, because Egyptian themed slots are one of the most popular categories of games online at Bucky Bingo.

There must be something about the sandy dunes and pyramids with these games, as players love returning to play them! Usually consisting of bright yellow settings, the games are often colourful, and you can discover the ancient realms of Egypt in Caravan to Cairo. The symbols in this game are all animated and represent some sort of humorous animal. Eyecon have created a relaxing setting with this five reel game – there is also potential free spins too!

Temple of Iris holds a more dark feeling to its gameplay, as the Aztec symbols are placed inside the reels with the sun slowly fading away in the background. This casino game certainly feels a tad more edgy, and you find historic Gods like Apep and the Eye of Horus inside your screen too. The gameplay has been made easy to follow, and with a potential Substitute symbol, there is definitely a lot to keep a look out for. 

Of all the many Egyptian themed games though, the most classic remains to be Cleopatra’s Chest. This Playtech slot has an RTP of 93.00%, and the game is based on the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom – Cleopatra (who would have thought it!). You find her inside the reels too, as she is just one of many high-paying symbols, alongside the eye of Ra, Bastet the pyramid, a Sphinx and an asp.

The gameplay is simple to play, and you'll also be keen to hear that this is a progressive slot! For those not familiar with our casino jargon, this means that a random prize fund can be triggered at any point of your game. To qualify for the full amount, you will need to stake a minimum of £5 a spin, or alternatively, wager 10p to qualify for a minimum slice of 2%. Should you be so lucky enough to activate the fund, we have no doubt that you will be busting out some fabulous Egyptian dance moves!

More Online Games

As you may have guessed already, Bucky Bingo is the home to many slot machines and casino games. All the mentioned titles are available to play on our site, after you have created an account with us. If none of these slot themes tickly your fancy, don’t worry! Have a browse through our other games here and see if any other of the designs fit your needs. You may prefer the wild and adventurous designs in Heart of the Jungle or Stampede!

Before playing a game, we would like to remind new players about our fabulous welcome package. If you are signing up to Bucky Bingo for the first time, you could be eligible to receive up to £20 worth of game bonuses and 70 free spins on Rainbow Riches! To qualify for the full amount, you will need to stake £10 in each of your first three deposits.

We also have a range of promotions for existing users too (you didn’t think we forgot about you did you!?). To check out the whole range of our offers, visit our promo page here. Remember, some offers will only be valid for a certain period of time, and new deals will occur monthly.

Bingo Rooms

Aside from our slots, we also offer you the chance to play some online bingo too. We have 75 and 90 ball lobbies to choose from – the choice is completely up to you. Each lobby has a different design (just like our many slot themes), and you can browse through our selection today.

Stay social when playing too through our awesome chat box features. Have a gossip or discussion with your fellow roomies – it’s a great way of remaining interactive when playing! The Bucky team will also ensure that chats are being monitored and that each game remains safe, secure and fun!

Gamble Responsibly

The team here at Bucky Bingo would like to issue a reminder to all our players about gambling responsibly. Keeping a cool head and staying within a strict budget are two pieces of advice that will help enhance your experience online. Gambling should only be considered an activity for fun and not seen as an attempt to ‘get up.’

If you feel like you are struggling when playing, contact our customer service team on 0161 413 7000 or email us at [email protected]. We are always happy to help and offer assistance!

All players must be aged 18 or over and remember, when the fun stop, stop.