Winter Slots

1. Xmas Cash

The Xmas Cash slot was created by developers Eyecon. Entirely Christmas themed, this is a compact 3x3 slot with a modest 9 paylines. Featuring symbols like snowflakes, snowmen and stockings; Christmas trees and puddings, not to mention Santa and his reindeer, you will be well and truly in the Christmas spirit with this slot.

The visuals for this game are as bright and merry as they come, with greens and golds, as well as the red and white of Santa’s iconic outfit. This game has simple sliders for adjusting the value of your bet and with just 3 rows and 3 reels.

2. Very Merry Christmas

The Very Merry Christmas slot is the second foray from Eyecon. With 3 rows across 5 reels and 25 paylines, this slot can be played from 25p and offers free spins as well as a top prize of up to 100x times the value of your bet.

This feels like a much more detailed slot than it's other Christmas counterparts, as not only are there more reels and better graphics, but there are more eye-catching symbols.

3. Shaman Spirit

A more spiritual slot thrown in the mix here: Shaman Spirit is another one set amongst the mountains and with an equally distinctive style. Even the font of the standard card symbols alone, 9 to Ace, stands out and there is cleanness to not only the visuals but the interface as well. All of the buttons and animations have the smoothness you would expect from an Eyecon slot, but there is a slickness to the game’s overall finish that makes it feels extra polished.

The Native American inspiration is driven home by the various spirit animals and tribal characters, such as the chieftain and his feathered headdress, but one of the standout aspects is the ethereal audio. Whilst it doesn’t have a constant soundtrack as such, the pan flute and pipe filled score that plays every time you win, is some of the most original music you’ll find in any slot out there. 5 reels and 25 paylines.