5 Things Bingo Players Will Understand

Are you a frequent bingo player? If so, this blog will be perfect for you.

Bingo is a big part of our gameplay here at Bucky Bingo. We offer a wide range of online bingo lobbies and rooms, all of which differ in terms of themes, designs, bonus features and so much more. Bucky Bingo actually originated as physical bingo halls in Birmingham, so when we moved online, we thought it would only be right to bring the game with us.

Keep up to date with our blog posts where we cover a range of bingo topics and information on a weekly basis! Our latest edition? Well, Bucky thought it would be a fun idea to do a piece on a list of things only bingo players will understand.

Take a read below and see if anything relates to you!

That Special Number

Here at Bucky Bingo, you can play 75 and 90 ball bingo. This means that inside your game lobbies, the number of balls will go up to either 75 or 90. Of course, there are many numbers that can potentially be found on your card, but every player always has that one favourite number.

This number may not appear on every single one of your cards, but when it does, you start to feel a tad luckier than before. Your special lucky number can come around because of many different reasons. Here are some of the most popular ways behind why numbers are special to some players:

  • Reminiscent of a birthday. E.g. 75 because you or a loved one was born in 1975
  • Your house number
  • A past winning number in a game
  • Your favourite age to be
  • How many children you have

There is no strict criteria for having your lucky number – it can be whatever you want it to be! What’s yours? Let us know on our social channels.

Seeing Your Lucky Number

So, we have established that the majority of bingo players possess that one unique and special number. However, the bingo cards aren’t the only place that players see their number pop up! Bingo players will be all too familiar with times where they have seen their numbers appear outside of the lobby or room. Here are some circumstances that you might be able to relate to:

  • On the front of a bus
  • Page number inside a book
  • The time on a clock
  • Seeing it on a sign/post

It can often feel like this number is screaming out in your face at times, perhaps this is why it’s your lucky one? Of course, all bingo games are programmed by random number generators, but that doesn’t stop us having our own lucky number. How often do you see your own and most importantly, where? Hopefully next time you see it, it will be on your online card!

Your Unlucky Number?

Now this one may be a bit more of a stretch, but perhaps some of our fellow roomies out there have an unlucky number too. The first one that comes to mind is the number thirteen, also known as being ‘unlucky for some’.

One reason behind why this number has its notorious reputation is because of the story of Judas and Jesus Christ. Many believe that Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, was indeed the 13th member to sit at the table of the last supper. There is, also, the superstition surrounding Friday the 13th! Inevitably then, when players receive that number thirteen on their card, their lucky feeling takes a little knock.

Of course, some players do have other unlucky numbers. This may stem from a past number that prevented them from winning a game, or a different reason altogether. Just as well, although we may have that special feeling about our lucky numbers, there will always be that one number that always seems to go against us. Or so we think so anyway!  

The Bingo Lingo

Bingo is known for its famous sayings and this is one of Bucky’s favourite parts about the gameplay. Each number has its own unique phrase – which is your favourite? From Legs Eleven to Garden Gate, the game has a notorious line for every number out there. How often do your friends or family members ask you what certain numbers mean, or vice-versa for what phrase goes with each number.

There are certainly a lot of different sayings, but you soon catch on quickly. Have a read of some of the bingo lingo if you can’t quite remember some of them – they might come in handy one day! Of course, there is plenty more bingo terminology that you may also be familiar with. Find some well-known terms in the bingo glossary below:

  • Lines = The pattern needed to win a game. These can vary depending on your game!
  • Free Space = The covered up spot on your ticket
  • Ticket = These can be bought in different forms, but they are given out when you have purchased the entry fee into your game

How many times have you played with a new player and they keep asking you what certain terms mean? They might be asking you a lot of questions but play nice, you might have been in their position one day! If you ever wish to find out what something means, ask a member of staff or even a fellow roomie!

What a Full House is!

One of, if not the most famous saying of the bingo lingo terminology list – a full house! Those not familiar with the basic gameplay of bingo may not be entirely sure what a full house is, but most bingo players know that this achievement is the best accomplishment in the game!

For those who don’t know, a full house is when all the numbers on a ticket have been crossed off. This is the main prize in every single bingo game out there, so fingers crossed that you get one when playing with us! Should you ever achieve a full house, make sure to tweet it us or let us know on Facebook – we love to see what our roomies are getting up to online! Plus, Bucky loves any excuse for a little bit of a celebration!

Play Online Bingo

If we haven’t mentioned so already, Bucky Bingo is the home to some fabulous online bingo lobbies. The clue is certainly in our name, as we aim to offer an amazing bingo experience to all our players out there. Take a browse through our 75 and 90 ball rooms - we have themed lobbies like Deal or No Deal and the Age of the Gods editions! See which lobby is up your street and pick the one that is best tailored for you.

Inside our rooms you will also find the chat box feature. With this feature, you can have a chat with your fellow roomies and discuss all things, bingo related or not! Each chat box will be monitored by a member of the Bucky team to make sure everything stays friendly and safe! Staying social when playing is a great way of enhancing your online experience, pull up a seat and give it a go!

Gamble Responsibly

Should you decide to play online at Bucky, always remember to gamble responsibly. This is an important message that we continuously share to players, as gaming with a cool head is the best way to enjoy your online experience. Follow tips like never exceed your wagering budget and never stay online for too long.

Bucky has created a gambling safely blog, where we share tips and advice on such matters. Have a read and discover methods on how to enhance your experience when playing online.

If you are ever experiencing some negativity when playing or ever feel like you are overspending time/money online, contact our customer service team. Help is always on offer and our team will offer suitable assistance for you. Remember too, you have to be aged 18 or over to play online.

When the fun stops, stop.