Tips For Online Slots

Here at Bucky Bingo, we have a wide variety and large selection of online slot machines for our players to choose from. We abide the rule of always aiming to serve quality customer service and one way of delivering this objective is through offering a bulky selection of casino games.

Given the development of technology in the 21st century, the world of online casinos has transcended and is now bigger than ever. There is a large volume of games to choose from and new players everyday seeking a bit of online fun. Therefore,the Bucky Bingo team like are committed to  continuously releasing informative blogs and pieces of information to keep you in the loop of everything that is going on.

Today, Bucky has created a blog about the best tips for slot machines. Below, you will find a list of the best ‘do’s and don’ts’ of what to do when online. All these tips have been designed to try and enhance your online experience, so pay close attention!

The Dos

We continue to support gambling responsibly, as it is an important tactic in maintaining control of your gaming antics and most importantly, it means you will have more fun when playing! Take a read below of some gaming safely tips and also some generic advice on slot machines as a whole.

Do: Stick To A Strict Budget

Online gambling has one purpose and one purpose only – for players to have fun. You should never see gaming as an opportunity to try and win cash, as all the games are programmed via random number generators. Before playing any game, you should set a strict budget and stick to it. Here at Bucky Bingo, we give players the option of setting wagering restrictions. This relates to our deposit limit scheme that will never let your deposit go over a certain amount. This tip helps you stay in control of your betting amounts and it means you can never spend more than you wish to.

Do: Know Where To Find Customer Service

Another integral aspect about gambling responsibly is knowing where to seek help. Our customer service team is reachable via email or by a phone call, whilst we also offer other contact information for sites like and Knowing where help lies is a useful tip to follow and these contact details should always be easy to access.

Do: Research The Games

As we mentioned, there are a wide variety of online slots out there on the web. In terms of themes, there are Irish themes, Egyptian themes, Wildlife themes and many more. Picking a game for its theme is a popular tactic for players, as each theme tends to have distinct features that certain players enjoy more than others. Do a bit of research on certain themes and games, as you might find one that fits your needs to a tee. This is something that we ensure to offer through our games – take a browse and see what style of setting you want to play in!

This point can also relate to specific game developers of slots. In some cases, developers tend to follow a similar design and structure across the majority of their games, with some players staying loyal to certain developers. At Bucky Bingo, we offer a range of developer’s games like IGT, Eyecon, Ash Gaming and more! These are some of the industry’s leading programmers and they continue to release innovative slots on a consistent basis.

Another top tip behind doing research on games is to focus on the special bonus features. Some games offer more interactive features than others, and this can potentially be a bigger pulling factor for certain players. There are common features like Wild and Substitute symbols, but you may also discover that some games have extra-special bonuses like a prize pick feature. Do your research and know what to expect of your gameplay!

Do: Get Familiar With Rules and Terminology

Becoming familiar with the way games work is another top tip to help improve your experience. Don’t worry though, a lot of the slot machines have been designed to be straightforward to navigate around, with the rules being equally simple to follow. Inside each game you will find a ‘help’ or ‘I’ button, where you can find information on every symbol value and where the different paylines appear inside the reels.

It could also be a beneficial idea to do a little bit of reading on terms like ‘wager’ and ‘RTP’, as these are both types of terminology that could creep up in your gameplay. Understanding this language is not essential to play the game, but it will give you a better overall knowledge of slot machines as a whole. The same can also be applied to bingo rooms, where you can learn about the different tickets and books inside the game.

Of course, all the games are programmed electronically and there is nothing ‘incorrect’ for you to do when playing. For a quick guide on how to play online bingo, we have designed a small blog that includes a list of useful tips and information!

Do: Read About Bonus Offers

One special thing about Bucky Bingo is that we like to offer promotional offers to new and existing players. Whether it be through our welcome offer or player loyalty rewards, we always like to try and give something back to our online users. This is a top tip that Bucky likes to issue to all casino players, as there are some fabulous offers kicking around!

Most casino sites will offer a welcome package to all their new players, so have a look around and see which one you like the sound of the best. 

Do: Stay Social!

The clue is in the name here at Bucky Bingo – we are all about the bingo lobbies! For those who didn’t know, we actually originated as physical bingo halls in Birmingham, so we thought it would only be right to carry the game online to our site. Online, we offer a range of different themed rooms, as well as both 75 and 90 ball bingo. 

Not only do we have some awesome styled lobbies, but the majority of them include a special chatroom feature! This box allows you to chat alongside some of our fellow roomies and stay social when playing. It is one of the biggest highlights about our lobbies and our chatroom monitors ensure that everybody is always having a good time, whilst also maintaining that the chat stays sensible and secure too.

The Don’ts

As well as having our ‘do’s’ in the top tips for slot machines, we also have our ‘don’ts’. These tips should be read carefully and followed at all times, as they will help contribute towards a more positive online experience.

Don’t: Spend Too Long Online

Alongside our wagering restrictions, we also offer the opportunity for players to self-exclude themselves online and to set time limits. This should be done if you are ever spending excessive periods of time online, as you could be straining your eyes. Just like how you should set yourself wagering budgets before playing, you should also set yourself time limits to spend online.

If you do feel like you need a break altogether, Bucky also has the self-exclusion feature. Here, you can completely lock yourself out of your current account for a certain period of time, meaning you can’t log back in until the chosen amount of time has finished. Keep in control of your gaming and follow our reality checks to see how long you’ve spent online. Set an alert to notify you when you have reached a specific time so you know when to log off.

Don’t: Gamble Under The Influence

If you are playing online, you should always do so with a cool head. Never gamble under the influence of either drink or drugs, as you will soon lose track of reality. In terms of betting with a cool head, this also applies to never betting under tilt. If you are feeling frustrated or anxious when online, this is a sign that you should log out. Betting in this mental state could see you make regrettable decisions, so it is best to avoid being online when you are feeling down.

Playing online should only endorse positivity and gambling should remain a fun activity. If you start to lose track of this and begin betting in attempt of ‘getting up’, you should set wager and time limits on your account. Betting with a cool head will help you maintain a smooth gameplay and therefore improve your overall online experience.

Don’t: Neglect Others

Coinciding with this ‘cool-headed betting’, you should never let your gaming affect those around you. If you ever feel like you are beginning to neglect your friends or family to spend time online, seek help. This also relates to any personal hobbies or even work too, as these activities should always be made your priority.

Similarly, you should never ask for money or steal to help fund your gambling activities. Online gaming is all about playing for fun and chasing your losses is a slippery slope to go down. In fact, this is categorised as a symptom of a gambling addiction, so contact a member of our customer service team if you feel like this applies to you.

Don’t: Believe The Myths

There may be many outlets and publications out there trying to tell you about all the latest top tips for slot machines and ways to cheat online. Simply put, do not believe them. All online casino games are programmed via a random number generator, meaning that there is no skill or strategy involved with winnings. Being online for a long period of time will not increase your chances of winning, regardless of what some players might say. The myth surrounding ‘cold’ slot machines is also a lie and it should not be followed. Overall, all the ‘legends’ surrounding casino cheats and sneaky tips have been debunked and there are no shortcuts to be found online.

Play Safely With Bucky

Alongside this blog page, we have also done a separate piece purely focusing on advice about responsible gambling. It’s an integral message that we like to issue here at Bucky Bingo, as we like to make players feel safe and secure when playing.

Follow these tips to help enhance your online experience! Remember, all players must be of the ages 18 or over and all our games/promotional offers have their own T&Cs. Keep up to date with our weekly blog for more tips and general advice in the gambling world.

When the Fun Stops, Stop.