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The History of Bingo

Whilst we do have plenty of online slots available to play, Bucky’s favourite game to play online is Bingo, so we thought we would get one of our legendary customer support team to talk you through what exactly bingo is, how bingo started and why we love it so much.

Hi guys, it is Maira here and I have a confession to make… I absolutely love bingo! But what is the history of bingo and where did the game we all know and love start?

Apparently, early variations of the game began in Italy and in France where the game was known as ‘Le Lotto’, yet it first made its mark on these shores back in the 1920s where it was a popular game at travelling fairs across the country.

With bingo gaining in popularity in the UK, purpose-built bingo halls were erected all over the nation and they offered a variety of different games from the ‘national game’, which saw bingo halls linked together to offer a bigger jackpot.

If you are sat there wondering how to play bingo, then don’t worry as it couldn’t be easier. In a bingo hall, you would be given a card with numbers on and when the caller calls out one of the numbers on your card, you mark it off. The winner is the first to mark off all of the numbers on their card. However, there are often also smaller prizes on offer for completing a line on a card or marking off four corners. In the UK it is popular for players to buy a strip of six cards (each containing 15 numbers) as this means that every time a number is called, they will be able to mark off a number on one of their cards.

The most popular variant of bingo in this country is 90 ball bingo, yet our cousins from across the pond prefer playing a 75 ball version of the game. The forerunner to Bucky, Buckingham Bingo, saw their first hall go up in 1970 and bingo halls continued being built in the UK up until 2005, where the world of online bingo took hold.

People began to play bingo online in the late 90s, but it really took hold in the 21st Century and Buckingham Bingo launched as a website in 2007. Sadly, the last Buckingham Bingo hall was closed in 2010, but in more exciting news, the site relaunched as Bucky in 2011 and became the great place that it is today.

Bucky offer loads of the great bingo games that you associate with the bingo halls, but thanks to the great powers of the web, we also offer plenty of themed games including Rainbow Riches and Deal Or No Deal rooms. There is also the Super Free Bingo room as well as plenty of great chat forums which keep the social aspect of bingo going.

So if you like the sound of that, come and join the stable at Bucky today. We also have a great welcome offer that can see you get up to £20 in slots and games bonuses, as well as 70 free spins on players favourite Rainbow Riches.