Slot Machine Terminology

The online world of casinos can appear like a puzzling place. There are so many games, offers and different terminology being used, it can often become a little confusing on exactly what is going on. However, there is no need to panic! Bucky is here to provide you with a quick rundown on some slot machine terminology.

Below, you will find a list of some commonly used terms and phrases in online slot games. Some of these words may be used inside the menus and information tabs of games, so it is beneficial to know what certain terminology means from time to time. Don’t worry though, there is nothing too complex and we are here to give you a definition on each separate term.

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A return to player percentage, otherwise known as RTP, is a measure of the percentage that a game returns to a player. Every online slot machine will have its own RTP and this is what is generally used in judging how a game will perform. Typically, most video slots have an average return to player percentage of around 94%, but it does vary for each individual game.

The RTP of all our slot games can be found within the reviews or games themselves. When playing, simply click the ‘help’ or ‘I’ tabs to find information on things like the slot’s RTP or symbol values. Remember though, no matter how high or low the return to player percentage is, the game is still programmed via a random number generator so never think that you are ‘due’ a win.

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The wager inside a slot game refers to the amount of money that you are betting for that particular spin. For example, if you were playing Heart of the Jungle and you span the reels with a 50p bet, this 50p would be considered your wager. Alongside the term wager, you may also come across slot machine terminology like betting stake, wagering value or simply just betting amount. These are all just simply synonyms for wager.

Another instance where you may come across this word is through the phrase ‘wagering requirements.’ This phrase is often used within promotional offers, where you will need to wager a specific amount to qualify for the bonus. Although the word doesn’t necessarily feature inside the reels, it is a useful phrase to understand as it often appears in online terms and conditions.


One of the most significant words in this slot machine dictionary – the payline. Paylines occur inside the reels and their paths cannot be seen by the naked eye. You can, however, see where they occur inside each game’s information menu. Typically, there will be 20 or 25 paylines inside the slots, although there are many instances when there are more. Just take Past the Post for example, there are 243 different ways to win inside this casino game!

So, what exactly does a payline do? Well, the paylines are the only way that winnings can be triggered inside slot machines. If matching symbols are spun adjacently across a payline, winnings will be paid out! This, of course, happens randomly and there is no skill involved with landing symbols onto a specific payline. Inside many games, you can alter how many paylines you want to be active when spinning the reels. Usually, the more paylines that you keep active, the higher your wager will be, as you are betting on more than one outcome to happen.

Although it is beneficial to understand the role of paylines, it is not essential. If matching symbols do land across a line, your winnings are automatically paid out, so don’t ever worry about ‘missing’ or ‘not seeing’ a win.


Just like paylines, reels also occur in every single video slot. However, their quantity may also vary. When first introduced to the online casino world, most games consisted of just three reels, almost identical to the classic physical fruit machines. Now, though, the orthodox structure of online slots tends to be five reels.

The reels are simply the individual columns on your screen where the symbols land in. Each symbol will occur in its own place within the reels and this will happen randomly throughout the game. It is, of course, the symbols that fall and move position, and not the reels themselves. Throughout your gameplay, the reels will remain in the same place and they are simply used to make the design inside the game clearer for you to follow.

Bonus Feature

Bonus features do not occur in every slot game, but if they do, they are basically an extra bonus that can occur outside of the main game. Typically triggered by specific symbols, these features can happen at any point inside your game and they will unlock some special features. In some cases, a slot’s bonus features can transform your screen to a new game setting and require you to get extra interactive with the game! This certainly adds to the gameplay of some slots and they can be a deciding factor behind some players choosing whether they play or not.

Depending on the theme, style and game developer, bonus features do differ in every single online slot machine. However, read on below to discover some information on some re-occurring features that appear in multiple casino games.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Wild and Scatter symbols within the reels tend to pay more than the ordinary symbols if they activate a payline. Not only this but they also have the potential to replace for any other symbol, meaning they have the power to turn an ordinary line into a winning one. However, please note that Wilds don’t tend to replace for Scatters and vice versa for Scatters and Wilds.

Free Spins

Free spins are a common feature within slot machines and they are exactly what they say on the tin. More often than not, free spins will be activated when three or more Scatters land onto the reels. Depending on how many free spins are won, these spins will take place automatically by the game and any wins inside this bonus game are sometimes multiplied!

If you ever wish to find out more about a game’s specific bonus features, click the ‘I’ tab inside the screen. Within this menu, the game will provide information on exactly how such bonuses are activated, plus, the prizes that can potentially be won if you are lucky enough to encounter them!

Game Responsibly

Bucky would like to remind all players to gamble responsibly. Take a visit to our dedicated page on the matter and find information on how you can potentially find help or advice on if you do feel like you’re are struggling. Whilst you are here, you may also like to read our gambling responsibly blog. Find useful tips like wagering restrictions and time outs inside. All the advice that we offer is designed to try and enhance your own online experience.

Every player at Bucky Bingo must be aged 18 or over. Please also note that all our promotional offers, including our Welcome Offer and games, all have their own individual terms and conditions.

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