Bingo Chat Rooms

Online bingo is a big aspect of Bucky Bingo’s gameplay. When we moved to the online world of casinos, we launched our website with bingo being the central game to play, and this hasn’t changed.

Our last Buckingham Bingo hall was sadly closed in 2010, but the experience certainly lives on. Customer satisfaction is what we’re all about, so we aim to offer a variety of game editions to fit everybody’s needs.

A big reason behind why our lobbies are so popular is because of our various themes, but also our excellent bingo chat rooms. If you aren’t sure what these chat boxes are or what they are used for, don’t worry, we have you covered!

Take a read below on our FAQS and guide about online bingo chat rooms!

What Are They?

Simply put, inside bingo chat rooms, you will find a small pop up box that allows you to speak to fellow players who are also in your lobby.

This box is usually located on the right hand side of your screen and you will be notified when other players join the game. You can type messages into the box and click ‘send’ to let other players see what you have to say. Your messages don’t always have to be bingo related either!

Alongside a normal text message, Bucky Bingo also lets you send awesome features like smiley faces and animated words like ‘Lol’ and ‘WTG’. The concept of bingo chat rooms is very straightforward, but their simplicity is what makes them so special.

They are easy to use and incredibly interactive!

The Benefits

So, you now know what bingo chat rooms are, but why should you use them?

Firstly, they keep your game social, an online factor that will enhance your experience with us on the web. The conversations are always flying in and we recommend that all players have a go at contributing in the chat box. Of course, the subjects aren’t always bingo related either, you can discuss all topics from your daily activities to what you did last night!

By remaining social online, you will also receive an extra communal feel to your game. Get to know your roomies and enjoy your playing time together. Our lobbies are open all day every day, which means you can speak to a range of different players at different times, if you wish. You may even start communicating with players and arranging to login on certain days together!

Not only does the chat box feature add to the social feel of the game, it also provides players with the opportunity to receive some special bonuses. This relates to when some members of the Bucky Bingo team login to a bingo chat room and ask players a question. If you answer the question correctly, you could potentially receive a free ticket or promotional bonus.

Don’t worry either, the questions aren’t designed to be difficult. For past examples, we’ve asked things like ‘Who did Shrek fall in love with?’ and ‘Who wrote the play Romeo & Juliet?’. If you don’t know the answer to one of them, there is no need to panic, you might know the next one! A lot of our players enjoy offering their congratulations to the roomie who gets the question right – we told you there is a communal feel to our games!

Are the Chats Safe?

Keeping players safe and secure online is something that we take very seriously at Bucky Bingo, which is why we have chat monitors in our bingo lobbies. Our monitors ensure that everybody is having fun but more importantly, they make sure that nobody is breaking the rules and using taboo language.

If anybody does cross the line with certain language, they will be removed from the lobby altogether. Should you ever want to have a chat with a Bucky Bingo staff member, check out our contact form and details here.

Alongside monitoring our bingo chat rooms, the Bucky staff sometimes like joining in with the conversation - keep an eye out for their messages when playing!

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Free Bingo at Bucky

We have already covered how Bucky Bingo is the home to a range of awesome bingo lobbies, but what about our free bingo feature? Yes, you really did read that correctly. We offer players the chance to enter a bingo room where you don’t need to buy a ticket to enter.

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Gamble Responsibly

Should you decide to play online at Bucky Bingo, please remember to gamble responsibly. Set yourself monthly budgets and never bet more than you can afford to lose. You can discover more tips like this inside our gaming safely blog. Remaining in control of your actions is the only way you should be gambling, as this is a recreational activity, not an attempt to ‘get up.’

All players must be aged 18 or over and each game has their own individual T&Cs.

Enjoy safer, smarter gaming. Remember - when the fun stops, stop.