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Cleopatra Chest

Cleopatra Chest

Travel back in time and uncover the secrets of Cleopatra’s Chest with this mysterious five-reel slot.

It’s adorned with Egyptian symbols and features up to fifteen paylines, but the real gold in Cleopatra’s Chest is the progressive jackpot.

The six high value symbols represent Cleopatra herself; a Sphinx’s head, an asp, a pyramid covered in hieroglyphs, the eye of Ra, and Bastet, the cat god. Players can match symbols across any of the 5-reels and 15 paylines to create multiple combinations that will pay out.

You can see the progressive jackpot above the reels, and the total is calculated in direct proportion to your stake, rising and falling according to the amount you wager. So even if you don’t want to draw a line in the sand and put down a big stake, you could still win a percentage of the jackpot.

Take a walk like an Egyptian and see if you can win a Pharaoh’s riches!