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Zodiac Supernova Slot


Zodiac Supernova

If you like checking what the future has in store for you, then you will love Zodiac Supernova slot. This game has five reels and boasts 25 paylines as you try to navigate this starry landscape. Produced by Microgaming, Zodiac Supernova online slot is a fairly simple game, but that is not to say that it is not without merit.

Zodiac Supernova Online Slot Features

Unlike most slots, when you play Zodiac Supernova slot, there aren’t loads of wilds and scatters to feed you through to convoluted bonus rounds. What you see is what you get in this slot. In the absence of those features, there is one extra that you will need to keep an eye out for.

Exploding Reels will be familiar for those of you who have played online slots before, but just to refresh your memory, when you land a winning combination, those symbols disappear and new ones fall into place. In theory, this means that your wins could go on and on when you play Zodiac Supernova slot.

It is also worth mentioning that this slot has a fairly low volatility. In essence, this means that you are more likely to win small prizes fairly regularly when compared to an online slot with a higher volatility.

Zodiac Supernova Slot Paytable

The twelve symbols of the zodiac are represented in Zodiac Supernova slot and they are broken down to pay the following.

  • Leo (Lion), Virgo (Maiden), Capricorn (Goat) all pay a maximum of 5000x stake.
  • Taurus (Bull), Gemini (Twins), Aries (Ram) all pay a maximum of 2000x stake.
  • Libra (Scales), Sagittarius (Archer), Aquarius (Water) all pay a maximum of 500x stake.
  • Cancer (Crab), Scorpio (Scorpion), Aries (Fish) all pay a maximum of 125x stake.

In addition, there are also the standard poker symbols in Zodiac Supernova online slot with A, K and Q paying a maximum of 75x your stake. Usually, only two symbols in a line will trigger a win, however, the poker symbols and the bottom group of Zodiac icons require at least three.

Play Zodiac Supernova Slot

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