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Yoyo’s Wild Slot

Yoyo’s Wild Slot

Yoyo’s Wild is a bright, colourful slot with some special features that really set it apart from other casino games. Yoyo’s Wild online slot is packed with Wilds, Scatter symbols, tricks to unlock and free spins and is sure to get you busting out some new moves.

Yoyo’s Wild Slot: Key Info

RTP: 96.50%

Free Spins: Yes

Paylines: 25

Special Features: Bonus Round/Wilds

Yoyo’s Wild Online Slot In-Game Features

Wild and Scatter Symbols

As you’ve probably guessed from the name, Yoyo’s Wild slot includes wild symbols, as well as scatter symbols as well. The wild symbols will replace any standard symbol in the game and grant you new winning combinations. The scatter symbols have a very different purpose and play into Yoyo’s Wild main special feature; Yoyo tricks.

Yoyo Tricks

So, what are these tricks that I keep mentioning? Well, Yoyo’s Wild’s key special feature is an interesting new twist on the traditional slot formula. To trigger this special bonus, you’ll need to land three scatter symbols on the board. When this happens, the trick generator will pop up and land randomly on one of four options for you to choose from; walk the dog, around the world, two-handed, rock the cradle.

A short animation will play out on the reels dependant on which one you get. This will cover symbols that are in play with the pattern of the trick you landed. Any symbols affected by the trick will become Wilds that’ll make new winning combinations and potentially boost your winnings.

It’s also possible to increase the number of Yoyo tricks you can get by clicking the multi-trick button. Doing this will double the amount you’ve wagered but also means that if you land three scatter symbols you’ll get a chance of a possible 2-4 instead of just the one which could win you the big bucks.

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