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What Is Yoyo’s Wild Slot


Yoyo’s Wild Slot

Yoyo’s Wild slot is a colourful slot developed by Eyecon games. There are 5 reels and 25 paylines inside the game, with minimum bets starting at £0.01p per line. You can unlock multiplying bonuses and free spins, if you are lucky enough. There are no mascots or character inside the reels, just the game’s iconic yoyo symbols. The Yoyo’s Wild online slot machined is packed with Wilds, Scatter symbols, tricks to unlock, free spins and these bonus features are just a small part of this casino game. 

One reason behind why this game is a player favourite at Bucky Bingo is because of its luminous backdrop. The vibrant purple and blue lines that overarch the reels create a setting that looks like a fruit machine, as the colours make an electrical atmosphere to your gameplay. Like a game that keeps it simple but effective? Yoyo’s Wild slot could be the one for you.

Step into the lively, animated world with Bucky Bingo and see if you will be lucky enough to see the yoyos perform some special tricks. Please remember, always game responsibly and ensure to yourself set a strict budget before playing the game.  

Yoyo’s Wild Slot: Key Info

RTP: 96.50%

Free Spins: Yes

Paylines: 25

Special Features: Bonus Round/Wilds

How To Play

Like many other casino games, the Yoyo’s Wild slot game has a 3x5 reel design. Some players may be familiar with this structure but if not, don’t worry, the gameplay has been made easy to follow.

You can select your wagering amount via the coin tab. Inside this menu, you can select how many of the 25 paylines you wish to bet on and the stake amount itself. Minimum bets start off at £0.01p per line.

To spin the reels, click the arrow button. Remember, payouts will occur via a random number generator and there is no ‘skill’ involved with slot machines. At no point is the game ever due a payout, so don’t think that playing for a longer period of time will increase your chances of winning. 

Yoyo’s Wild Online Slot In-Game Features

Wild and Scatter Symbols

As you’ve probably guessed from the name, Yoyo’s Wild slot includes Wild symbols, as well as Scatter symbols. The Wild symbols will replace any standard symbol in the game and grant you new winning combinations. The scatter symbols have a very different purpose and play into Yoyo’s Wild main special feature; Yoyo tricks.

Yoyo Tricks

So, what are these tricks that I keep mentioning? Well, Yoyo’s Wild’s key special feature is an interesting new twist on the traditional slot formula. To trigger this special bonus, you’ll need to land three scatter symbols on the board. When this happens, the trick generator will pop up and land randomly on one of four options for you to choose from; walk the dog, around the world, two-handed, rock the cradle.

A short animation will play out on the reels dependant on which one you get. This will cover symbols that are in play with the pattern of the trick you landed. Any symbols affected by the trick will become Wilds that’ll make new winning combinations and potentially boost your winnings.

It’s also possible to increase the number of Yoyo tricks you can get by clicking the multi-trick button. Doing this will double the amount you’ve wagered but also means that if you land three scatter symbols you’ll get a chance of a possible 2-4 instead of just the one which could win you the big bucks.

Colourful and Bright Gameplay

Eyecon rarely disappoint with their visual graphics and the Yoyo’s Wild slot game is no different. The luminous backdrop has been designed to look hypnotical, perhaps swinging Yoyos can put us under a trance after all? This colourful setting helps create an energetic feel to the game, with the symbols also adding to this illusion.

There are purple, blue, yellow and silver yoyos to find, alongside the orthodox slot symbols of 9, 10, J, Q and K. The yoyos are, of course, the biggest highlight of the casino game. If you are lucky enough to land three of them onto the reels 2, 3 and 4, your game will get much more exciting. Watch some of the most iconic yoyo tricks in the book take place on your screen if it happens!

Play Yoyo’s Wild Slot At Bucky Bingo

If you fancy trying out these new moves for yourself, head over to Bucky Bingo where you can play Yoyo’s Wild online slot and much more! Don’t fancy your skills with a yoyo? No problem, we are the home to many themed games. Why not visit the coal mines in Dynamite Digger or have a tasty snack in Rich Treats?

Yoyo’s Wild Jackpot

Amongst all of the yoyo tricks we have in the main game, Eyecon has got one more trick up its sleeve.

All of the original features in Yoyo’s Wild are still there in the jackpot game, but with the addition of three jackpots too!

The jackpots are progressive, which means that every player who plays on the game will contribute to the prize pot and, when it is won, the value resets to a specific amount.

Each progressive jackpot will update regularly, so that you know how big the potential prizes are.

Qualifying bets are those which are made from a spin with real cash. The jackpots can be randomly activated, so there is just as much chance for every single Yoyo’s Wild Jackpot player.

Here is a breakdown of the three jackpots:

Mini Jackpot: Seeded at £10 and must be won before it hits £50

Maxi Jackpot: Starts at £50, must be won before it reaches £500

Mega Jackpot: Minimum of £5000 and must be won before £100,000

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Bucky would also like to remind all players to gamble responsibly and to take frequent breaks during your gameplay. Never gamble under the influence of drink or drugs and don’t game if you are ever feeling stressed or depressed. If you feel like you are struggling with one of the mentioned issues, you can call our customer service team on 0161 413 7000. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at support@buckybingo.co.uk.