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Hit Me Baccarat


Hit Me Baccarat

Hit Me Baccarat Online Game

Table games provide a nice alternative to slots for the online casino player. Instead of flashy graphics and tons of bonuses, these titles focus on simple games that have stood the test of time in land-based casinos for years. Card games are a common favourite amongst this category and even fonder still is baccarat. Eyecon has recognised this niche in the market and has responded with its latest title Hit Me Baccarat. It follows the standard casino rules, but does offer a new twist in the form of the ‘Hit Me!’ feature.

Baccarat History and Gameplay

Baccarat online is a simple game, but this has allowed its popularity to spread far and wide. Known by many names around the world, such as ‘Punto Banco’, ‘Chemmy’ and ‘à Deux Tableaux’, the aim is to get a hand value that is the closest to nine. It is played with either an eight-deck or six-deck of cards, with this game using the latter. Each hand will initially start with two cards, although there is a third that can be split if desired. As we’ve said, the hand with the closest value to nine wins, so the card values are vital. Any aces are worth one, while all face cards present, as well as the ten, will amount to zero. All the other cards are worth their face values.

There are five values of chips available in this game; £1, £2, £5, £10, and £25. You can select the amount by either clicking on the individual icons, simply dragging them across or by choosing another chip value using the ‘X’ button. You can also use the Autoplay system to play a planned selected number of games in advance. The Hit Me! System is nice little addition to the age-old game and can be quite useful. Essentially, this allows you to purchase another card in the event of a losing hand. If it makes your value closer to nine, then you may end up winning the hand.

There are three bet options available to you; Player, Banker, or Tie. These will all pay out the standard online baccarat values in the base game, with one to one for both the player and banker, whilst correctly betting on a tie will pay the equivalent of nine to one on your stake. However, if the ‘Hit Me!’ feature is in effect, then the pay values will increase to between 1.5 to one and 12 to one.


It is clear that Hit Me Baccarat is meant to imitate the look and feel of a land-based casino. The screen is entirely filled by a baccarat table, with the user interface located at the bottom ‘wood’ section. Here you will find the five chip values marked, as well as the autoplay and manual chip functions on the left. The table itself is stylised as a light blue felt surface and all the cards and wins are shown here. The deal button and hit me option can both be found to the right of the screen.  The cards are situated in the centre of the screen, with the player’s current value on the left and the banker’s current value on the right. The only animations included in the game occur when the cards are dealt and a result is reached.

Play it at Bucky Bingo

Hit Me Baccarat is a very straightforward title and, if you know the rules of the original, you will have no problem picking it up. The Hit Me! feature adds a fresh element to the old casino favourite and can also help overturn a losing hand. The graphics aren’t anything to shout home about, but they are competent enough and do capture the feel of a physical baccarat table. All in all, Eyecon has crafted a decent title here and fans of table games may want to take notice.

If you fancy trying out this classic casino game, then stick with Bucky bingo, as you can play Hit Me Baccarat right here. However, there are plenty more options to try too. If it’s slot games you’re after, why not give one of the best in the business a go, with the legendary Rainbow Riches?  Or, if you’re after a few more bonuses, give the action-packed Heart of the Jungle a try.

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