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Fairest Of Them All Slots


Fairest of Them All slots

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all?

Everybody knows this iconic line, and this is why Ash Gaming have incorporated the magical saying into their online slot machine. The term ‘magic’ doesn’t quite do this casino game justice, as you are bombarded with enchanted features throughout your entire gameplay.  

With the bright forest backdrop and animals hopping all over the reels, you are invited into a lively setting that is bursting with life. The beautiful princess with her yellow and red dress will be alongside you every step of the way during your journey and she is not just there to be admired. Instead, your glamorous companion can potentially gift you special features during your play, which can help boost your cash winnings.

The princess isn’t the only royalty to appear in the game, as there are also prince and queen symbols to be found on the reels. The king and queen are just two of the carefully designed symbols to be discovered in the forest, as there are also apples, letters, numbers and the Wild! With 20 active paylines, there is plenty to be looking out for in the Fairest Of Them All slots, including the various bonus features.

Take a stroll into the forest and see what you can find when you play online with Bucky Bingo.

Slot Game Features

  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 20
  • Game provider: Ash Gaming
  • Bonus rounds: Progressive jackpot, Wilds, Free spins and Multipliers.

How To Play Fairest Of Them All 

When you play Fairest Of Them All, there are bundles of features and bonuses to try and keep track of. However, the main gameplay is easy to follow. The orthodox design of 3x5 reels means that the game is just like the majority of slot machines out there (once you look past the energetic rabbits and squirrels!)

To decide on your betting value, this is done via the red ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons, with your total stake appearing inside the bar in the bottom centre of your screen. Minimum bets in this game start off at a coin value of 0.20! Unlike other slot machines though, you cannot change how many of the 20 active paylines you are betting on.

Spin the reels with the green flashing ‘Play’ button and see what wonderful symbols you can land! For those who prefer a quicker gameplay, the ‘Auto Plays’ tab is available, where you can select a certain amount of spins to automatically take place.

So Many Bonus Features!

Inside the enchanted forest, you never quite know what little surprise may potentially come your way. With multiple bonus features like free spins, multipliers and a progressive jackpot available, there is so much to look out for! For a breakdown on each feature, read on!

Progressive Jackpot

Where there is a princess, there is a charming prince never too far away. In the Fairest Of Them All slot game, the prince can make an appearance in the main game, the mining bonus and during free spins. Hopefully, you can catch a glimpse of the royal, as he will trigger a progressive jackpot!

If he appears during the main game, he will be summoned onto the reels via the princess’s special pink dust. A sight to behold!

Multipliers In The Mine

Arguably the most special aspect of Fairest Of Them All is the mine bonus. Inside this interactive feature, you will enter the coal pits and be welcomed by a dwarf miner! You must then pick up as many sparkling areas of the setting as possible before the ‘Collect’ tab appears onto your screen. Each little gem holds the potential to boost your cash winnings! There aren’t only diamonds in the mine, but also further little bonuses:

  • Cart with an ‘X?’ = This bonus will generate a random multiplier to be applied to your winnings.
  • Extra miner = Finding an extra miner adds another base prize to the game.
  • TNT stick = This explosive looking symbol will award a big cash prize.

For the mine bonus to be triggered, three of the bonus symbols will need to land on the reels 1, 3 and 5. The bonus symbol has a picture of an animated dwarf on it so ‘Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to Fairest Of Them All we go!’

Free Spins

When you enter the Fairest Of Them All slot game, you are welcomed with the opening message of ‘Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’ It is a rhetorical saying that we all know from our classic tales, but in the slot game, the question can be answered!

If you are lucky enough to spin three of the golden mirrors onto the reels 2, 4 and 5, five free spins will be awarded! However, that is not all. The mirror will flash onto the screen and either the princess or evil queen will appear in the reflection.

Should the princess appear, the free spins will lock, and the counter will not decrease whilst locked. If the princess is seen in the mirror again, the multiplier counter will increase by an extra 1x. However, it seems that the evil queen carries a curse on her, as if she appears in the mirror, the free spins will break and unlock. If this is the case, the counter will reset any multiplier back down to 1x.

Princess Modifies

Alongside the main bonus rounds, there are also small modifiers which can appear on the reels at any point of the game. There are six in total to look out for so let’s hope the princess offers you a helping hand!

  • Butterfly = The butterfly will majestically float onto your reels and add 1-5 Scatter symbols.
  • Owl = It doesn’t have to be night time to capture a glimpse of the owl! He will fly down and add 1-5 Wild symbols.
  • Silver Dust = This will re-spin 2-3 reels and a turn a losing spin into a winning one!
  • Gold Dust = As an upgrade on silver, gold dust will change all of one symbol type on an active payline into a higher value symbol, therefore increasing your payout.
  • Rabbit = This friendly looking rabbit will hop onto the reels with 1-3 Stacked Wilds!
  • Bird = The red bird flies on down and multipliers your win by a mega 30x.

An Enchanted Gameplay

When you play Fairest Of Them All, you will embark upon an animated environment that is bursting with joy and wildlife. The vibrant colours of pink flowers and lush green grass create a summer-like feel to the enchanted forest - take a stroll through with Bucky Bingo! Alongside the backdrop, the bright symbols contribute to your vibrant gameplay, with colourful letters, apples and royal characters to be found. Ash Gaming have smashed the ‘fairy-tale’ theme with this casino game!

The awesome design isn’t the only thing that your eyes will be fixated on, as there are also multiple bonus features to be on the lookout for. Whether it be the mine or mirror feature, the two main bonus rounds are incredibly interactive, and their animations will provide a different dimension of play to your game. Alongside these two rounds, there are also the small modifiers which can appear at any point in the slot. These modifiers cannot be found in all slot games! With wildlife like rabbits, butterflies and birds there to be found, see if you are lucky enough to experience nature at its finest!

Despite these many features, the basic structure of the main game remains a very simple one to follow. Ash Gaming have delivered a lively slot machine that is filled with animated fun and you can play the game with Bucky Bingo today!

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