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Butterfly Staxx 2


Butterfly Staxx 2

Butterfly Staxx 2 Slot Review

Butterfly Staxx 2 is the much-anticipated sequel to the original butterfly-themed slot from NetEnt. Repeating the tried and true format of its predecessor, this slot consists of 5 reels and 4 rows, as well as the 40 paylines available in the first instalment. The Butterfly Staxx RTP is 96.35% and you can place your starting bet from 25p.

The first thing to be said about this game is that, stylistically, it’s beautiful. With its bright colour palette and its ornate and flowery details, the vibrant visuals stimulate the senses and add an extra layer of charm on top of the previous iteration. In terms of audio, the noise of rustling foliage and the calming yet uplifting score, all adds to the ethereal atmosphere of this fantastical setting.

Symbols fall very much in line with the overall theme: flowers and butterflies, of course, but there are also less valuable and more common card symbols (from Jack to Ace). Special symbols include the rose scatter symbol and the all-important wild, denoted by a bold multi-coloured lotus flower, which can substitute all other symbols (except the scatter) on the board.

The game is layered but it simple enough to get to grips with and is a very mobile-friendly slot. After having honed its style, as well as some improvements when it comes to frame rates and quality of animations, the Butterfly Staxx 2 slot has really earned its wings this time around.

How to Play

So, whether you played the first game or coming to this series for the first time, it's worth familiarising yourself with how to play before you hit spin.

First things first, you’ll not only need to decide how much you want to bet but you’ll also want to set your coin value as well. This can be done through simple plus and minus buttons on the lower right-hand of the screen, next to which you will find your total amount of coins on the far right and the option for Max Bet on the left. Your coin value can be adjusted as you play and will be a multiple of your bet, which can also be changed by increasing or decreasing your ‘Level’ on the lower left-hand side of the screen.

Now, on to how you win.

Simply match 3 or more symbols on the same payline to get a winning combination, with the value of each combination varying from symbol to symbol.

Naturally, the most valuable symbol is a bright, golden butterfly: if you manage to stack 4 of these on the same reel, then these dainty little creatures come to life, glowing even brighter than before as they flutter over to the leftmost reel.

At this point, you have initiated the respin feature, which will continue so long as you keep landing on butterflies, meaning you can accrue a good number of coins from just one spin.

The other way to win is by landing on 3 scatter symbols across reels 1, 3 and 5, which will award you with 5 free spins on one of the two bonus reels. See below for more details on all bonus features.


Now, although the backdrop of this slot may seem very gentle and serene, this is still a relatively fast-paced game and once bonuses are introduced, the game can be turned on its head with the beat of a butterflys wing. Let’s take a look at them in a bit more detail.


Once again, your wildcard for this slot is a colourful lotus flower. Not only is it more valuable than the standard card symbols and some of the other flower symbols, but it also acts a substitution symbol. If you manage to match 3 or more of them, it will substitute every other symbol on the board (except the scatter symbol), meaning you can rack up some serious coins.

Free Spins

In case you hadn’t already guessed, butterflies are pretty central to this game. So, should you manage to stack 4 of them on top each other in the same reel, you will initiate the respin feature mentioned earlier.

If you happen to land on not 1 but 2 stacks of butterflies, you’ll unlock a second set of reels where you repeat the stacking process over again, with each successful stack now being worth double. If you’re extremely lucky and somehow manage to complete 2 more stacks on the 2nd reel, then a 3rd reel will appear where every stack is now worth triple. You'll be sure to have a few butterflies in your stomach if that happens.

Bonus Game Mode(s)

In addition to respins from stacking the butterfly symbols, you may also unlock a special bonus round feature. This is triggered when you land on 3 scatter symbols and results in a new screen appearing, in which you can decide between the ‘Butterfly Spins’ or ‘Butterfly Frenzy’ mode.

The former will present you a with a new set of reels filled with cocoon symbols; following the same principle as the main game, stacking 4 of these butterflies will trigger the respins feature and the same flurry of beating wings will ensue.

The latter mode is a literal frenzy of butterflies; you will be given 10 picks and your aim is to try and catch the most valuable butterflies you can – the catch (no pun intended) being that you don’t know what their individual values are. If you manage to reach the required target, you can move on to the next stage: there are 5 in total and you can earn up to 125 coins by the 5th and final stage.

All of these bonuses contribute to the Butterfly Staxx 2 RTP being 96.35% and the game really helps you measure how well you’re doing by categorising larger prizes as either a Big, Mega, or a Super Mega Win.

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