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Blackjack online

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games worldwide. Alongside roulette, it is regarded as being one of the more 'classical' games that can be played in physical casinos and also online. As Bucky Bingo is the home to a range of awesome online games, we thought it would only be right to offer Blackjack to our players.

Inside our lobby, players do not play against each other, but only against the dealer. You will both be dealt with two cards each, and you are required to make a move first. You can either stick or draw additional cards to try and improve your hand. Objectively, the aim is to simply beat the dealer by either:

  • Get 21 points from your first two cards
  • Reach a higher score than the dealer without exceeding 21 points
  • Allowing the dealer to draw more cards until their hand exceeds 21 points, otherwise known as bust.

Once you are settled with your cards, it is then the dealer's turn. You will be able to see their cards, and if they reach 17 points, they have to stick. The value of each playing card is their exact number, while all picture cards (King, Queen and Jack) all represent 10. The ace is different, as you can choose this card to either resemble 1 or 11 points.

That’s the overall gist of how to play, but just to be even more helpful, we have gone into a little more detail below. If you fancy playing online Blackjack, the popular game is available right here on our site. Take a seat and try your luck against the virtual dealer.

How To Place a Bet

When you play Blackjack online on our site, your game screen will be taken over by a blue table. The central position is where you place your chips, and you simply need to click on the blank square to do so.

Alter your wagering stake with the arrows in the bottom left corner. Simply click the left arrow to decrease your amount, and the right arrow to increase it. The game is playable from as little as 10p per hand, and the maximum amount allowed at any point is £100.

In the bottom right corner of your screen, you will be able to monitor if you have won or lost a hand. Remember to stick to a budget when playing Blackjack and to never gamble under the influence of drink or drugs.

Rules and How To Win

We have already covered how to win at Blackjack, but there are some side bets involved with playing too. Please see below to find out information on how exactly to win at Blackjack. Each winning hand has a different payout value online on our site.

Blackjack Pay

The term 'Blackjack' inside the game actually refers to when you get 21 from your first two cards. As this is the main objective when playing, you will automatically beat the dealer if you are dealt Blackjack straight from the off.

Not only this, but we will also pay this win out on greater odds. A Blackjack win will be paid out at 3/2. With these odds, if you stake £1, you will have a total return of £2.50. Will you be lucky enough to strike those two lucky cards when playing?

Insurance Pay

Insurance inside the game is a side bet made from yourself that the dealer will, in fact, achieve Blackjack. This bet is available when the dealer's exposed card is an ace, with the payout odds being 2:1. If you are lucky enough to call this correctly, a £1 bet would see an overall return of £3.

Please remember though, this is known as a 'side bet', and it is completely optional alongside the main game. Any money placed on insurance will be on top of your original wager.

Winning Hand

When you win with an ordinary hand at Bucky Bingo, the odds are 1:1. This essentially means that you will double your bet placed. For instance, if you stake £1 and have a winning hand, you will end up with £2 overall (your winnings plus your stake back).

An ordinary winning hand is simply when you have better cards than the dealer, that isn’t Blackjack or from insurance pay.

Classical Gameplay

In terms of the rules of online Blackjack, that’s everything covered! In a nutshell, there are three different outcomes that can see you win from your wager and three different ways of beating the dealer. The gameplay is relatively straightforward and is playable at Bucky Bingo from 10p per hand.

With regards to the setting, the virtual table is reminiscent of a real-life casino, and this adds to the classic gameplay that you can experience. Whether it be through hit Hollywood films or TV shows, the game of Blackjack has grown to become an iconic feature of casinos around the world.

Online Blackjack is no different, as the format and rules remain the same. Face off against the dealer and try your luck in being dealt a good hand. Please remember though, this game is programmed by a random number generator. This means that there is no skill involved with playing and at no point are you ever 'due' or 'scheduled' a win. Playing for a longer period of time will not increase your chances of winning online.

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Gamble Responsibly

Whatever you decide to play, please ensure to always gamble responsibly. Never play online under the influence of drink or drugs and don’t spend more than you can afford to lose. Remember to set yourself a budget before logging on and stick to it.

You can find more helpful tips like this in our gaming safely blog. Here, you will find small pieces of advice that will help you stay in control of your actions when gambling.