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Bar X


Bar X slot

Bar X Slots Review

Bar X slots is a three-reel, single payline slot brought to you by developers Electrocoin. It is based on the physical Bar X fruit machine and features a very classic design as a result. There are only three symbols in the game; Bar, ‘X’ and ‘O’. There are no bonus features, wilds or scatter symbols in the game.

Considering the strides that have been made in the online gaming landscape, it is perhaps surprising that three-reel titles are making a comeback. Yes, it seems that there’s a large section of slots players who favours a more old school approach, even if it means less in the way of features. For those players, Electrocoin has been delivering the goods. The funny thing is, they’ve been doing this long before the concept of online slots was even a thing! This is because Bar X isn’t just meant to capture the look and feel of a physical fruit machine, it literally used to be one.


Electrocoin first came onto the fruit machine scene in 1976, just as the industry was beginning to experience a commercial boom.  The London based company quickly grew a large user base due to the popularity of their video slots, with their machines infiltrating arcades and amusements across the country. The company aren’t just limited to the slots business though, Electrocoin has a variety of products. These include player favourites like pinball and claw machines. They are the only company who have made the jump from actual fruit machines to virtual slots.

In their homeland of the UK, the most popular series in their inventory was the Bar X slot games, and the series has managed to sustain its popularity for over three decades, partly down to the fact their physical durability is just as excellent as their timeless appeal. In fact, the machines were built so well that Electrocoin’s After Sales support will still help owners with any issues they’re experiencing to this day. In modern times, the iconic game has been ported onto desktop and even mobile, so don’t expect this franchise to go anywhere anytime soon.


Considering that Bar X slot's main selling point is its classic appeal, it is perhaps unsurprising that the user interface looks a little antiquated. This being a three-reel slot, there are only three symbols in the game; the bar, the ‘X’ and the ‘O’. The reels themselves can be seen in the centre of the screen, with the one payline clearly marked in the middle. The iconic logo is situated atop and features the trademark Electrocoin sign. Because of the limited number of symbols, the paytable is actually shown to the right of the reels instead of in a sperate menu. Below this is the actual user interface, with the flashing ‘spin’ button beneath the paytable. Under each of the reels sits a nudge button, which can be used to your advantage. You can modify the ‘Auto Bet' and ‘Stake' settings at the very bottom, and your total winnings are displayed alongside them too.

In terms of the actual aesthetic, Electrocoin has managed to capture the look and feel of a British arcade exceptionally well. The red and gold colour scheme work to emphasize this and give the game a bright and bold style. The various buttons and modifiers are all illustrated to look like the ones on the physical Bar X fruit machine, even going as far as having them individually light up at different times.

How to Play

Bar X is a very straightforward slot, so you don't have to worry about wrapping your head around a load of random bonuses and features. There are three reels and one payline, with your aim being to land a matching trio of one of the two paying symbols. The highest paying symbol in the game is the ‘Bar' icon, which will pay out 50x your stake for a winning combination. The ‘X' is the other paying symbol, offering a respectable 10x your stake. The ‘O' will pay out nothing.

While Electrocoin’s search for authenticity means there are no bonus features in the game, it does mean there is a mechanic directly taken from the physical Bar X machines.  This is the ‘Hold/Nudge’ button, which can be found underneath each reel. Essentially, this gives you a chance to make a win from a losing spin by modifying one of the reels. You can decide to either ‘Nudge’ or ‘Hold’. The former will bump the symbols on the chosen reels down, potentially creating a new number of winning combinations. The latter will hold the reels in place for the following spin, so if you have two reels with the ‘Bar’ icon, you would hold them and hope the remaining reel would land on a third.

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