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Speed Bingo!

There’s a new bingo craze on the scene, and you’ll have to be quick to catch it.


‘Speed Bingo’ is a variation on the usual game but, as the name suggests, it’s much faster.


In fact, a game of Speed Bingo is played with only 30 balls. Hence it is also known as 30 Ball Bingo, and should last no longer than 30 seconds.


The bingo cards measure 3x3, having only nine spaces, whilst the balls are numbered 1 through to 30.


As in traditional bingo, the object of the game is to get a full house by completing your ticket or card before your opponents. To do so, you must be the first to match all nine numbers on your card, in 29 calls or under ­- you just have to be a lot faster! As with any game of bingo, prizes will be shared if there is more than one winner.


Ideal for those who like life in the fast lane, Speed Bingo is also incredibly convenient when you’re in a rush but still fancy a quick game.


The shortened time frame makes playing even more exciting – and who doesn’t want a windfall in a matter of seconds?


It’s a super-fast game, so it might not be for everybody. However, the opportunity to play lots of short games rather than one longer one is great to get your pulse racing. It also means you have many more opportunities to win, so your chances of making a (very) quick buck increase with each new game.


Plus if you try speed bingo and find it’s not for you, you’ve wasted less than a minute and can simply join the next 75 or 90 ball game.


‘Cash Cubes’ is a variation of speed bingo, and Bucky has other speed bingo games available across a number of rooms, as well as regular promotions.


So don’t let the chance to play rush past you, try speed bingo today! 


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