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Responsible Gambling Week

Bucky’s 5 Tips for Responsible Gambling Week 2019

Gambling responsibly is a message we reinforce all year round to you, our lovely players. Our team is here whenever you need us. If you would like to chat about responsible gambling, you don’t need to wait for this special week to talk.

The great thing about Responsible Gambling Week, however, is that it brings together everybody within the gambling industry including customers, staff and the wider public, to open up conversations on gambling responsibly.

This year, Responsible Gambling Week is from the 7th to 13th November, and so you may see adverts, messages and more information than usual across the news, social media and when you are out and about.

In this week of awareness and discussion, we come together to discuss how we can make things better for our customers across the entire industry and how we can further encourage responsible gambling.

How to Gamble Responsibly

For some of us, it’s a hobby, others it may be an occasional thing, some players spend lots of money and time playing with us. We value all of our customers, of course, but the main thing when it comes to gambling is that you are playing within your means.

We have rounded up 5 top tips to help you stay safe and within your budgets to make sure you are gambling responsibly.

1. Set a Limit

This is perhaps the most important aspect. Set a limit, whether it is a limit on time or a budget.

Decide how much you can afford to lose before you start playing. Once that money is gone, then stop playing. If you win, then you have been lucky, but it is all a game of chance so do not be disappointed if you don’t win. It might help, once you have budgeted for your essentials such as bills, rent or mortgage payments, that you then decide how much you can budget for gambling. Class it within your entertainment budget, just as you would plan for an evening out with friends.

Setting a time limit can help you to make sure you don’t spend beyond your means. Usually, the more time spent playing, the more money will be spent. It isn’t a case of playing longer to win more, as the games and wins are all randomly generated.

2. Gambling is Not a Way to Make Money

Yes, you may argue that people win big on the lottery, and somebody has got to win the jackpot on your favourite slot game. Realistically, though, that is not going to happen every time, or even often at all.

It is often advised that you think of your gambling spends as entertainment expenses. If you think of it like this and you have budgeted, then any losses are expected. Any wins which may come your way are then a nice bonus.

When you play at Bucky, we want you to play for fun! Our bingo rooms have a great community spirit and we want you to enjoy it all, but don’t think of it primarily as a way to make money.

3. Keep a Clear Head

Do not gamble when under the influence of drink or drugs. This is unsafe and can cloud your judgement. You could end up spending way more than you had budgeted for. Read up on the BetRegret campaign here.

We would also advise you to only play when you are feeling happy and have a clear head. Making decisions can be difficult when you are feeling upset or depressed, and especially when intoxicated.

4. Set Deposit Limits

If you would like us to help you on the way to responsible gambling, you can set daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits on your Bucky account. This helps you to take charge of your money and will avoid the temptation once you have spent your allocated budget.

Log in to your account, click ‘Menu’ and then ‘Safe Gaming’ to see your options.

5. Take a Break

On your Bucky account, there are also a few more measures to help you resist temptation. You find these options in the same way as setting the deposit limits.

The Time Out function allows you to disable your account for a short time.

If you want to take a longer break, you can self-exclude and lock your account for up to 5 years. If this is something you are considering, GAMSTOP is a free service that enables you to self-exclude from all online gambling companies registered in the UK.

Please Gamble Responsibly

Be sure to balance gambling with other activities. If you are doing it just because you are bored, think about some additional hobbies, or even new years resolutions which you could get in gear to succeed in for 2020.

Variety in life is what makes it exciting, so make sure you get out to see your friends and family, and budget accordingly. We hope these quick tips have helped you to think twice about your gambling habits.

Take five this Responsible Gambling Week to make sure you are happy with your habits.

Remember. When the fun stops, stop.