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Bucky Bingo Nominated For Which Bingo Award

Ladies and Gentleman, Bucky Bingo are up for another award!

Yes, that’s right, we have been nominated for the ‘Best Playtech Bingo’ site on WhichBingo.co.uk – vote for Bucky here!

This a great achievement for everybody involved and Bucky hasn’t stopped grinning since we heard the news. In fact, this is the third year in a row that we have found ourselves up for an award, and we are hoping to go one better than our finalist spot in 2017.

Under our category, all the nominations were decided by independent judges, so to even make the list is an achievement in itself. Alongside Bucky, there are also seven other bingo sites, all of which are recognised on an international scale.

So, why do we think that we deserve to win? Well, bingo is what we are all about. We offer our players the opportunity to play 75 and 90 online ball bingo rooms. Each room has its own special theme, as we like to offer a lobby for everybody. Inside our bingo games, there are editions like Rainbow Riches and Deal or No Deal, some of which include special bonus features!

Not only are our games exciting, but each lobby includes a special chat box feature. This feature lets players interact with each other and most importantly, allows everybody to keep social when playing online. Our roomies enjoy discussing all things from their daily activities to bingo itself. It isn’t just our roomies who enjoy the chats either, as Bucky’s staff are always popping into the lobbies to offer great promotional offers and to simply join in with the fun.

Being inclusive is what we are all about, which is also why we offer players a fabulous welcome package and a range of online slots to play too. Accommodating for everybody’s needs is our number one priority here.

Our communal feel here at Bucky Bingo is our most valuable asset and it is the main reason why we think we should win the award.

Remember, voting closes on the 31st of May, so get your votes in for Bucky!

Of course, we will be shouting from the rooftops (and stables) if we win – vote here!