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75 Ball Bingo

Originally a favourite in the Bingo Halls of the USA and Canada, 75 Ball Bingo has become increasingly popular here in the UK. Bucky Bingo are proud to offer you this friendly, fast-paced and fun game. Once you’ve played this brilliant bingo format a few times, it’s nice and easy – but we’ve created a handy little guide to help new players get the hang of it.


First off, let us tell you about the wonders of ‘auto daub’ – one of Bucky’s most popular functions.


Some players love to cross off their numbers and watch the bingo game unfold – and there’s nothing quite like talking to your bingo buddies in the chat room whilst watching your full house come in! However, if you fancy a flutter but can’t hang around to watch your numbers come in, you can always auto daub.


With this function you can buy pre-game tickets, meaning you don’t even need to be on the site to mark your numbers. Just check back anytime after the game to find out whether you won. Similarly, if you’re crossing off your numbers and miss one along the way, don’t worry – Bucky will check your ticket and give you the money your numbers have earned!


If you’re playing along, the rules are simple and the format is fun, simple and stress-free! The patterns keep changing, so there’s lots of different ways to win, and non-stop excitement.


There are lots of different patterns which equal great wins, in 75 Ball Bingo. This includes lines - so Horizontal Lines, Vertical Lines and Diagonal Lines, so any 5 numbers in any direction, and you’re in the money!


Another is Four Corners, where the four corners of your grid are covered, meaning you can win a tidy sum with as few as four numbers.


And of course, Full House (also known as ‘full card’ and ‘blackout’ etc. This offers the most lucrative payout, and the race for a full house is always exciting.


So, what will your card look like in 75 Ball Bingo? Well, you’ll have 25 spaces (24 numbers, and one blank – known as the ‘Free Space’), laid out in 5x5. The card will have a B for 1-15, I for 16-30, N for 30-45, G being 46-60, and O having squares 61-75. The number called will help you out by calling a number and a letter – such as B-14. So, that’s just number 14 in the letter ‘B’ column.


Nice and easy!


If you like perfect prizes, awesome offers and a full house of chatty bingo buddies, there’s only one place to go. Bucky Bingo, of course. And now you’re an expert on how 75 Ball Bingo works, why not go ahead and play now?