Bucky ahead of the game once more

October 20, 2010, 11:01 AM

Bingo goes social

Considering how popular bingo is among friends, it's strange that the game hasn't caught on more than it has online. In fact, it only seems to be Bucky's wildly successful Facebook campaign that has cottoned on to the social networking phenomenon.

Bucky Bingo has been donating £1 for every 'Like' the page receives to the charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer, and has so far managed to raise over £1,000; a great example of how to cross people's love of bingo with social networking.

Other sites could follow suit if new research from Wiki Bingo is to be believed. The website has claimed that companies offering bingo games are beginning to embrace the platform just like Bucky has, although it added that they do not appear to be going down the same charitable path.

"The ability [of] players to send virtual gifts to one another greatly enhances the community and social experience within the game," said the news provider.

The Bucky Facebook community

Bucky's Facebook page has built up a huge following in the last few weeks, largely thanks to a great community feel and some excellent competitions. Just last week Bucky invited its fans to vote for the person they believed deserved to take pride of place in the Bucky Living Room.

The prize was scooped by Lynn Doe, who worked tirelessly to spread the good word of Bucky and got loads of her mates to join up. If anyone ever deserved to win a prize with Bucky, it's Lynn!

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