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Will You Win the £1m Bingo Game?

It is generally agreed that 2016 hasn’t been a great year for the most part ­– mourning the loss of some of our favourite celebrities, Brexit, the American election etc – but we want to end it on a high.


That’s why, Bucky Bingo is offering you more than one opportunity to win a share of £1million!


We all dream of becoming millionaires, what we’d buy, where we’d go, who we could help – everyone has a different idea about how they would spend that money.


Now, those fantasies could become reality.


On Friday 30th December, Bucky will be hosting the world’s biggest single Cash Bingo Game, with a massive million pounds to be won!


For just £2 a ticket, you can join us in the Big Money Room at 9pm and try your luck at winning £1m.


Getting a single line could net you £100,000, two lines equates to £200,000 and for a full house, you’ll be given a fabulous £500,000 (If two lucky people get the full house simultaneously the prize will be divided equally). Even better, if it’s not your lucky day, you still won’t leave empty-handed.


If you were only one or two away from a full house when it was called, you will win an equal share of £100,000.


Better yet, even if you were nowhere near, the remaining £100,000 will be divided between the unsuccessful tickets – you literally can’t lose!


You can purchase a maximum of 18 tickets, to maximise your chances of winning, and our automatic dabber feature will keep track of them for you, making sure you don’t miss any of the action.


The £1m cash bingo game is just one of many fantastic festive giveaways and bonuses, December has more promotions than you can throw a snowball at.


From Value Christmas to Premium Christmas, there’s something to suit every level of player and every budget. So head over to our promotions page for more information!